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Referral Forms and Consultations

As a courtesy, we offer telephone consultations with our specialists. Please call

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Referral Forms, Brochures, Maps, and Magnets

Please let us know if you need an additional supply of referral forms, brochures, maps or magnets and we can ship them directly to your hospital.

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Referring Veterinarians: OVRS Is Committed to Extending Your Skill Set and Caring for Your Clients

Committed to Extending Your Skill Set and Caring for Your Clients

While many general practices are offering services and a level of care not seen in years past, certain circumstances may arise that will require the involvement of a specialist or the need of 24-hour patient care monitoring. In today’s pet caring world, the American Animal Hospital Association equates frequency of referral to specialists with the most progressive and highest caliber of family veterinarians. OVRS views our facility as an extension of your practice. We are honored and privileged to have the opportunity to care for your patients, and we take the responsibility seriously. Our entire staff is committed to providing a nurturing, caring and compassionate atmosphere to meet the needs of your clients and their pets.

Dr. Sauerbrey,
Thank you so much for all that you did for Guiness. With all of the kindness and compassion that you have shown to both him and to us, it is no wonder that he liked you so very much. We have enjoyed getting to know you over the last year and a half. You are a very special person. Keep up the great work!
Take care,
Matt and Angie

Referral Policy

As the primary veterinarian, the doctors and staff of OVRS realize that you know your patients’ healthcare needs better than anyone. For this reason, OVRS requires a referral from the primary care veterinarian prior to scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists. By collaborating together, the primary care veterinarian and the specialist can provide excellent overall care. This relationship will decrease the likelihood of repeated diagnostics and direct the patient to the proper specialist.

Referral Communication

At OVRS, communication is an essential element of the relationship among primary care veterinarians, specialists, and clients. We realize that poor communication is a major concern of many referring veterinarians. Therefore, we are committed to diligently keeping you apprised of your patients’ progress by availing ourselves for telephone updates and providing prompt, detailed treatment summaries and test results. Together working as one team, we can meet your patient’s most challenging healthcare needs.

Free Continuing Education Events

As part of our ongoing commitment to veterinary education, the Oakland Veterinary Referral Service conducts continuing education seminars on a variety of topics geared toward veterinarians, veterinary technicians, receptionists, and practice managers. Would you like to be kept informed on upcoming continuing education courses, conferences and events? Send us an e-mail ( and let us know!

Blood Bank

OVRS maintains an in-house blood bank ensuring a ready supply of canine blood components. The “Buddies for Life” Canine Blood Bank has extended its canine blood banking services to referring veterinarians in Southeastern Michigan. OVRS has an established volunteer donor program in which healthy dogs donate blood that is screened for infectious diseases and is negative for DEA 1.1, 1.2, and Tr. 7. Learn more

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