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Behavioral Medicine

Behavior problems are one of the most common reasons that owners relinquish pets. Our behavior department offers comprehensive behavior consultations and behavior modification programs for dog and cat owners seeking help with aggression, fear, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination and house soiling, and other problems. We believe in using positive reinforcement and rewards-based methods to shape behavior and to ensure a life-long bond with your pet.

Blood Bank

Veterinary patients often suffer from conditions such as immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, trauma, or splenic tumor ruptures that can leave them anemic and requiring blood products. OVRS is proud to offer a fully-stocked blood bank, thanks to the kindness and dedication of our local canine and feline community. As a result, we are able to provide needy patients with blood and/or plasma transfusions any time of the day or night. Young, healthy dogs are first screened; then they return to OVRS to make regular blood donations. To learn more about how your pet can become a blood donor, see our OVRS Blood Bank web page.


Our board-certified cardiologists diagnose and treat a vast array of congenital and chronic heart conditions ranging from patent ductus arteriosis (PDA) to heart failure. Your pet's progress is regularly assessed with the aid of blood pressure monitoring, a state-of-the-art ultrasound unit and digital radiography. When necessary, our telemetry unit allows for continuous ECG recording while your pet is hospitalized. Other services offered include contrast ultrasonography, and 24-hour Holter and event monitoring.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been in existence for over 3000 years. Dr. Bannink is versed in veterinary acupuncture and herbal supplementation that can be used alone or as an adjunct to conventional Western medicine and cancer treatments. Furthermore, acupuncture can be used to help manage and treat other chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.


Allergic dermatitis and otitis (ear infections) are very common causes of itching and discomfort in cats and dogs. Our veterinary dermatologists are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of these and other conditions and can formulate a treatment plan to manage your pet's chronic skin disease. In addition to a full-service dermatology laboratory, our dermatologists use the latest techniques such as skin testing, video otoscopy, skin biopsies, CT scans and culture techniques to provide the best care and service for your pet!

Diagnostic Imaging

OVRS is pleased to offer the latest technological advances in the area of diagnostic imaging. We perform digital radiographs (x-rays) in our two radiology suites and can perform CT and MRI scans on-site, any time of the day or night. Our CT scans can be manipulated to reveal 3-D images, and a cross-section of tissue layers can also be examined. We can perform myelography and contrast studies using a combination of both modalities. Additionally, several ultrasound units are available to examine the heart and other internal organs with astonishing accuracy. These valuable tools are another example of how OVRS excels at providing the very best care for your pet!

Emergency and Critical Care

Our experienced emergency doctors and technical staff provide expert care for your special furry family members at any time of the day or night. We utilize the latest techniques and technology such as digital radiology, telemetric continuous ECG monitoring, and an extensive in-house laboratory to help us ensure that your pet receives top-notch care provided by a compassionate, skilled critical care nursing team.

Hospitalized Patients

Even the most critically ill hospitalized pets receive extraordinary care provided by our intensive care unit (ICU) nursing team. Compassionate, experienced technicians and assistants utilize up-to-date equipment and methods to care for your pet during his or her hospital stay. Oxygen therapy, pain management, long-term ventilation, total parental (intravenous) nutrition and tender loving care are just a few of the critical care management techniques provided by our OVRS emergency and critical care service.

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine department cares for a wide variety of medical conditions such as kidney and liver failure, Cushing's disease, and diabetes, among others. OVRS internists utilize the latest ultrasonic, endoscopic, and digital radiography equipment, as well as advanced veterinary laboratory diagnostics to help formulate a treatment plan specific for your pet.

Laboratory and Pharmacy

Emergency situations arise 24 hours a day. At OVRS, our doctors can acquire blood, urine and fecal test results promptly and accurately, which can prove pivotal in life-or-death situations. The key to our success is an in-house laboratory run by a trained, experienced technical staff. We are also pleased to offer the expertise of IDEXX Reference Laboratories, an extensive on-site veterinary diagnostic laboratory. Furthermore, our in-house pharmacy is fully stocked with many of the commonly prescribed medications used by OVRS doctors, allowing us to dispense the drugs your pet needs to begin the road to recovery!


Just as in people, our pets are frequently afflicted with cancer. Our compassionate oncologists can diagnose and treat a broad range of cancerous conditions using a combination of chemotherapy, alternative medicine, and radiation therapy. The goal of our oncology department is to provide support and guidance for families and their pets living with cancer.


OVRS is proud to offer advanced procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, which can cause blindness in dogs and cats. Our board-certified ophthalmologist performs cataract surgery using an operating microscope and state-of-the-art equipment. She also diagnoses and treats a variety of other ocular conditions such as keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye), glaucoma, distichiasis, and corneal ulcers using the latest medical advancements. CERF exams and other hereditary and congenital condition vision screenings are also available.

Reception and Lobby

Our welcoming lobby always has a friendly face to greet you and your pet when you arrive for your appointment! Small alcoved areas allow an intimate place for you to rest with your pet while awaiting consultation with the doctor. For your convenience, complimentary coffee and snack vending are also available in the rare event of appointment delays or while awaiting the completion of short procedures. Whenever you call or have any questions or concerns, our receptionists are always ready to help!


Surgery & Anesthesia

When you choose OVRS board-certified surgeons, you can expect that your pet will receive only the best care. OVRS offers less invasive procedures such as laparoscopy and arthroscopy, as well as a broad range of surgical procedures from cruciate ligament and fracture repairs to total hip replacements and soft tissue reconstruction. We use only the safest anesthetics and the latest monitoring equipment available, while caring, experienced licensed veterinary technicians monitor your pet diligently for the duration of the procedure.